Red lips fingertips!~

Okkkay so for all of you how know my taste in music leans {falls alll over} Towards the 80’s <3

Soooooo naturally Tori is dancing to ‘Girls Girls Girls’  by Motley Crue. Her being a lesbian the song fits pretty well. The Cameo who is going to have some sexy VIP time with Ida is the wonderful Porter. we also have another VIP cameo coming up pretty soon.

I want to apologize for the lack of posting last week. Bastian is now cutting his first teeth and is being reaalllly fussy through out certain times in the day. Also our family is going through a pretty rough patch, so with the stress of the issues I am trying to get back to stream as well as getting all the pages laid out.  I am open for commissions soo you can email or note me on inkbunny/Furaffinity If you want something <3

Karl (c) Porter