Allllrightttyyy then! I have just figure out why I keep getting the pages up on Monday mornings rather than Sundays. I work on a Night shift schedule and forget that most people  and programs run from an AM to a PM schedule where as I run on a PM to AM schedule. I facedesked pretty hard when I put the pieces together. SOOOOOO Now realizing my oddity I am altering  my work scheduling so I  will be accurate with the Sunday postings~

That being said….BACK TO THE STORY!  Mister Shad and his little pet Kyle walk all up in the club like yeah I’m sexy! Shad is an Author by trade and make fairly good money, He’s a regular and often brings his little pet along allowing himself to have some company as well as some extra entertainment. For those curious, at the club you can ask VIP service of almost any of the staff Except the bartender unless there is a secondary person to take over his work. There are 3 VIP Pages coming up within the story line very soon so be prepared 😉 Back ground Cameo spots are still open See the previous page for Instructions if you want to be in this part of the comic.