~Looks like both Karl and Ida had a wonderful time in the V.I.P Room.

I hope they didn’t leave too much of a mess for poor Justin to have to clean up.~

I appreciate ALL the support everyone has for this comic and Below there are some Updates to keep you in the know about my health and the future of After Hours.

Life Updates:

  • I am on medical bed rest as put in place by my doctors and enforced by the mate.
    • This means that over all I have been a little slow with posting much of anything i am slowly feeling better and starting to stream on a regular basis. ( Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: From about 8 pm-midnight. Pending pain tolerance.)
    • In between streams I am trying to get some work done on After Hours, this however will be a slow process till the new baby is born.
  • I am Due: July 21st 2015, they say its a boy but we are still hesitant on saying for sure because the ultrasound wasn’t very clear.
  • The comic WILL be continuing!!!!! <—- Yes for certain I love working on it and Love that everyone has been so supportive. Updates will be going up when I can Once the new Baby is here and settled in I can attempt to go back to doing the updates every Sunday and Cranking out extra art for the comic ( Posters, Portfolios, Ect.)

Character Commission policy:

It seems to be unknown to people who commission me that both my sona ” The Battle Corgi” and ALL of the After hours cast can be used in commissions. So, If you wanted your character with one of the Cast Just bring it up in Stream when i am doing commissions. I am always more then willing to give quotes and I hope that this has cleared up some of the uneasiness about asking to use the Cast in commission.

You can inquire about Commissions/Streams/General Questions to:

– Shockley23.artisty@gmail.com (email)

– Shockley23  ( Furaffinity & Inkbunny)